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Selected communications

  • Conference ETH-Zurich (Switzerland) Emergence of flocking and consensus, November 2016.
  • HYP meeting Rio (Brazil), Emergence of macroscopic behavior in complex systems, July 2014.
  • Workshop Oberwolfach (Germany), Particle systems and macroscopic limits in self-organized dynamics, December 2013.
  • Seminar UC Davis (California, USA), Mathematical modeling of self-organized dynamics: from microscopic to macroscopic description, March 2012 (Slides).
  • Organizer of the mini-symposium Recent Developments in Self-organized Dynamics in the SIAM conference on Analysis of PDEs, (San-Diego, California), November 2011.
  • Workshop on Probabilistic Methods in Kinetic Theory, (Luminy-Marseille, France), Models of flocking with asymmetric interactions, July 2011 (Slides).
  • Seminar CouzinLab, (Princeton, USA), Mathematical modeling of collective displacements, April 2011 (Slides).
  • Workshop on Pedestrian Traffic Flows, (North Carolina, USA), A traffic model for pedestrian and its comparison with experimental data, February 2011 (Slides).

Curriculum vitae

PhD thesis

I have done my PhD in Toulouse (France) at the IMT (Institut de Mathematiques de Toulouse) under the direction of Pierre Degond and Guy Theraulaz. My thesis was an interdisciplinary project between two teams: MIP (Mathematics for Industry and Physics) and CRCA (Research Center of Animal Cognition).